Sunday, October 21, 2012

Review - HANA 1'' Professional Flat Iron

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've blogged. I'm excited to be back with a guest post from my sister. Recently I was kindly given the opportunity to test out a hair straightener from It just so happened that my sister had been looking for a new hair straightener, so I decided to give it to her to test out. She has longer hair than I do and likes straightening her hair daily, so I figured this was perfect for her. Below is her review, check it out! :)
A couple of weeks ago, my sister let me try out the HANA 1" Professional Flat Iron from I was pretty excited about this because I have actually been recently browsing online for a new straightener. 

An overview of the package I received.

There was also a heat-proof pad that was not included in the first photo.

So there are two things that I would like from a good flat iron:
  1. It has to heat up relatively fast for those early mornings when I'm in a hurry to get ready
  2. It shouldn't make my hair frizzy, fried or damaged
Much to my pleasure, the HANA 1" flat iron is exactly what I've been looking for! Not only does it heat up quickly, but it also has a wide range of adjustable heat settings from 140 to 450° F and the 100% ceramic plates help to create silky, non-frizzy hair. As for the actual design of the flat iron, I really like that it has a swivel cord and the
no slip thumb grips make it easy and comfortable to hold.

My hair is naturally straight with a bit of a wave at the ends so I like to flat iron the bottom half of my hair for a more polished look. For the best results, I found that brushing my hair prior to using the HANA flat iron makes it easy for it to run through my hair more smoothly. Also, I think the flat iron works better for individuals that have fine to normal hair. Those who have thicker, coarse hair may have to spend more time running the flat iron slowly through smaller sections
in order to successfully straighten their hair.


And after!

Overall, I am very happy with the HANA 1" Professional Flat Iron as it leaves me with shiny and straight hair in ten minutes or less. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is searching for a good flat iron to invest in.

For more details about the flat iron, click this link here at

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Unknown said...

nice post! i've been on the market for a new straightener for a little while now-- i might need to check this one out :)

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