Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another amazing concealer... Vichy Dermablend Skin Concealer

I haven't blogged in ages because of FINALS but I am back now! :) With Christmas just a couple of days away, I've been busy with family gatherings, get togethers with friends, holiday shopping, and all of that good stuff. I've been using this time to test out several products I bought in my earlier hauls. One such product I've been using and really liking is the concealer below:
Vichy Dermablend Skin Concealer
I purchased this in 2 different shades. As I mentioned previously, I like to buy 2 different shades. A lighter shade for my undereye area and then a shade that matches my skin tone. 

I picked up the Vichy Dermablend Skin Concealer
in shades Nude 20 and Light 10.
Both shades have a yellow undertone.
Nude 20 matches my NC20 to NC25 skintone perfectly.
Light 10 is an excellent yellow-based concealer 
for covering my dark undereye circles.

Some things I noticed about the Vichy Dermablend Concealer.
Texture: It claims to have a "skin fusion texture". I found this concealer very smooth, creamy, easy to blend.
Coverage:  Full-coverage, opaque, highly-pigmented
Crease/caking: This concealer does not appear to cake. It is creamy enough to allow you to be able to really blend the concealer in before it finally sets.
Suitable for: Excellent coverage for undereye circles, scars, blemishes, redness/discolouration
Skin-type: All skin types whether you're dry/normal/combo/oily
Colours:  I've seen this colour in 5 shades so far, from light to dark tan
Availability: Any drugstore that carries it (Shopper's Drug Mart for those in Canada)
Price: $18 USD
I find myself comparing the Vichy Dermablend concealer to the
Amazing Cosmetics
Amazing Concealer
which I raved about in a previous post.

The two shades I think are most comparable between the two concealers would be the shade Light 10 for the Vichy Dermablend Concealer and the shade Light Golden for the Amazing Concealer

Both shades have a yellow undertone. However, the Vichy Dermablend Skin Concealer is slightly more yellow while the Amazing Concealer leans more towards the cool side. Light Golden is considered one of the more yellow-based concealers for the Amazing Concealer, so you can already guess that the most of its other shades do appear to lean towards the cooler, pink side.

Swatches of Vichy Dermablend Skin Concealer in Nude 20 and Light 10
along with the Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer in Light Golden.

Despite the slight differences in tone - the texture, coverage, and long-term wear of both of these concealers are very similar. It can be safe to say that the Vichy Dermablend Skin Concealer is a great dupe for the Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer.

Going back to the
Vichy Dermablend Skin Concealer...

Some PROS I like about the Vichy Dermablend Skin Concealer:

1) This concealer is very creamy and easy to work with. This concealer is very smooth and creamy. You don't necessarily need a brush for this so it's less fussy and quick to use. It really does blend very well as it claims, I just use my fingers. It takes a bit of time before it finally sets, giving you time to blend, and when it does set, it just sort of sinks into the skin.

2) This gives a very natural finish. Because the concealer blends so well into your skin, instead of just sitting on top of your skin, it looks very natural compared to some other concealers out there that provide the same full type of coverage. In contrast, Amazing Concealer sets quicker to provide an excellent opaque layer over whatever imperfection you're covering it, almost like a shield. The Vichy Dermablend Skin Concealer is buildable so you can easily achieve the same great opaque full-coverage if desired.  

3) The packaging of this is great for control. The tube packaging lets you squeeze out just a tiny amount each time and honestly, you need VERY little each time so it's great.

4) This concealer lasts all day and provides excellent coverage. This is great for covering scars, redness, and blemishes. It's opaque enough to give full coverage. It doesn't rub off and stays put all day after being set with powder. For my oily skin, this is one of the main characteristics I look for in a concealer. It's nice not having to do touch-ups throughout the day. I'm really happy with the coverage and long-term wear of this concealer.
Some CONS of the Vichy Dermablend Skin Concealer:

1) All of the colours seem to lean on the warm side. If your skin has more pink undertones, this may not work for you in covering facial blemishes.
--- However, for undereye circles, yellow-toned concealers are suggested anyway so this would be an excellent choice for covering dark circles in the eye area.

2) Limited shade selection. With a large range of skin-tones going from light to dark/tan covered by just 5 choices of shades, there can be a big difference seen between one shade and the next one up from it. Some people may find themselves in between shades. Also, if you have a cooler undertone to your skin rather than yellow/warm, the Amazing Concealer may work better for you.
--- However, since this concealer blends so well, it doesn't matter if you don't get a perfect match with your skin because it all blends in! In the end, I suppose the limited shade selection is not too much of a problem.
In conclusion, 
I am really loving the Vichy Dermablend Skin Concealer.
I'm still using the Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer for opaque coverage during more "formal" events but for daily use, I'm using the Vichy Dermablend Skin Concealer. It's just so easy to work with and blend that it works well as a daily concealer for me. I've been getting a lot of compliments on my skin lately and it's all thanks to this concealer for covering my post-exam battle scars (leftover from stressing out over exams the previous weeks!). At $18 USD, the Vichy Dermablend Skin Concealer is a little less than half of the cost for the Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer at $42 USD. They both work great, but the Vichy Dermablend Skin Concealer is a great alternative for those who can't seem themselves forking out $40+ for the Amazing Concealer.

Hope this review was helpful to some of you.
Until next time,
Happy Holidays everyone!


Peculiar Tings said...

Thnx for the review! I've been wanting to try this...I think i'm going to try nr.20 :))

sugarmizbunni said...

So glad u did a review for vichy concealer because I've been wanting to try this ages ago. I always don't get the chance to try out their tester. Either tester runs out or there's no tester available :(

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