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Review - Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer... just a name or an HG product?

As I've mentioned before, I have oily skin and get occasional breakouts so I usually look for products that are long-lasting and provide full coverage. I've found that cream concealers work best for my skin-type. Most liquid concealers look natural after application but tend to slip off my skin after a few hours so they don't give me the coverage or long-term wear I prefer. Powder concealers, while offering good coverage, usually will cake on me and oxidize as the day goes by. Recently I've finally found a cream concealer that seem to match my needs and that I've really been liking so far! :)

The concealer I've been using lately is
Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer.
I first came across this on Sephora's website
as I was browsing through their reviews.
It is a highly raved product so it prompted me 
to go into the store to check it out.

Image source:

I ended up purchasing this in the shade "Light Golden (Golden Light)" meant for "fair golden complexions". For your reference, I have NC20 to NC25 skin. Normally when it comes to concealers, I like to buy a lighter shade for my undereyes and a shade that matches my skin tone to cover up my imperfections and redness on other areas of my face, but I really couldn't see myself forking out $80+ just for concealer! So I bought this shade in between as a compromise. This shade is excellent as it has yellow undertones so it works well on both my dark circles and my yellow-based skin tone.

Some of the characteristics of this concealer....
Texture: Cream, rich, thick
Coverage:  Full-coverage, highly concentrated and pigmented
Tendency to crease/cake: Minimal (w/ the use of moisturizer or primer and applied w/ a brush)
Suitable for: dark circles, blemishes, and redness
Skin-type: All types, but oily skin will find this most easy to work with
Colours:  This concealer comes in 7 shades in total with 3 lighter shades and 4 darker shades, making it usable by everyone no matter their skin tone
Availability: Can be purchased at Sephora
Price: $42
1) This concealer is very creamy. Despite it being such a rich and thick concealer, it has a very smooth consistency that's easy to apply. 
-- Sometime's the word "creamy" can be misleading.  I've had problems with "cream" products where they claim to be "smooth and non-drying", but they end up being super dry and not creamy at all! (One such product like this being Lise Watier's Portfolio Concealer Wheel - another highly raved product that I bought but ended up being a big disappointment!). 
--- Luckily, with the Amazing Concealer, it's smooth and provides enough slip so you can really blend it in before it finally settles onto your skin.

2) This concealer lasts all day. Usually for other concealers, I will have to do a touch up at some point in the day because my oily skin causes the concealer to melt or rub off. With the Amazing Concealer, I would apply it in the morning and am surprised to look in the mirror in the afternoon and see my eyes looking just as bright and the red areas on my face still nicely hidden. Yay!

3) This provides excellent, complete coverage of my blemishes. It's tricky covering blemishes cause while you can usually make them look better, it's hard to completely make them disappear or invisible. This concealer so far does a better job than any other ones I've used to achieve this purpose. I'm really impressed with its finish. :)

1) Definitely the price! $42 to me is quite expensive for a concealer. I had a hard time getting around to purchasing this because of the price. 
--- I didn't actually buy this concealer right away. However, after trying out the samples given to me, I was excited to purchase it. Because this concealer is so pigmented, you really only need a TINY amount each time you use it, so I can see this tube lasting me for a really, really long time.

2) This concealer does have a slight tendency to crease or cake. But only if you accidently apply too much or have dry skin. This applies more for the undereye area than on areas of the face.  
--- The trick to making this concealer work as it claims is to prep your skin with moisturizer first (especially for your undereyes), and even a primer if your skin is extra dry. Because I do not have dry skin, I can just apply this after my regular moisturizer and sunscreen and don't need a primer for my eyes nor face. But when I applied this on my sister who does have dry skin, I noticed it didn't apply as smoothly in areas where she didn't put sufficient moisturizer (mainly her eyes). This was solved after adding more moisturizer and I was able to blend the concealer in easily. It just took a bit of extra work! But the resulting finish was flawless and I think totally worth it.  :)

Note:  For your undereyes, no matter your skin-type, it also REALLY helps to use a concealer brush when applying this concealer. The brush helps ensure that you are using a minimal amount because when you use your fingers, you can easily pick up too much product leading to it creasing on your eyes. 

I like to use my brush to apply this concealer and then my fingers after to blend. Because my fingers are warm, it helps to melt the product and blend it in further. 

I usually put concealer underneath my eyes for my dark circles as well as all over the lid to cover up the veins and uneven tone there. This is more than enough for covering BOTH my eyes, on the bottom and on the lid.

I take just half of this amount with a brush for one eye,
and use the other half for the other.

I do the same technique for spots or blemishes since the brush gives better control and precision than with simply my fingers.
Overall, would I recommend this to a friend? Yes! 
--- BUT only if they've exhausted other options and nothing else works for them. OR if they have problematic or oily skin like me and just really need the long-lasting full coverage. And of course only if they can afford the steep price! Otherwise, there are probably other options out there that are more wallet-friendly that will work just as well. It all depends on your personal needs and like they say.. the price you're willing to pay for beauty I guess! :)

I haven't used this product long enough to ensure HG status but it's definitely my favourite concealer at the moment so it's a close call! I'm using it everyday. If you're curious to check it out yourself, it is available from Sephora

Have a great day lovelies!


Friday, November 20, 2009

NYX Haul Part 2 - Round Lipsticks and more!

And here it is... Part 2 of my NYX haul!
NYX Round Lipstick

These were on sale for $2 each
so I took advantage of the sale
and picked up a bunch of colours to try.
I got 10 different ones in total.

 There is an even better deal going on right now.
These are on currently on sale for just
$1.75 each on!
Perfect chance for you to try these out yourself :)
The lipstick colours close-up,
starting with the top row.
*click on images to enlarge*
Tea Rose
Summer Love


Swatches without flash.

Swatches with flash.

As you can see, these are highly pigmented.
I especially like the colours Honey and Circe
They work great on my pigmented lips
to provide me with a nude lip colour.
And they were dirt cheap!! Love these :)
The final 5 colours I got:
Baby Pink
Strawberry Milk

Swatches without flash.

Swatches with flash.

I really like the packaging of these lipsticks.
The bottom is clear so you can easily
pick out the colour you want without
looking at the label of each lipstick.
I also picked up two lip glosses:
NYX Megashine Lip Gloss

in shade "Natural"

NYX Round Lip Gloss
in shade "Sorbet"
Swatch comparison between the two colours.
They are both perfect to use over any of the lipsticks above.
Sorbet goes with everything and Natural is
an excellent choice to use over some of the more pale
or nude colours just to add a hint of colour.
The last item of my haul is:
NYX Cream Blush
in shade "Glow"

It is very creamy in texture.

It's very pigmented so a little goes a long way.
When blended in, itt gives your cheeks a soft, pink glow.
I really like this shade!
Because the blush is so large in size,
this will probaby last me forever.
And that's it!
You can find all of these items (and more)
Don't forget to check out their sale
I mentioned in my previous post...
it ends tomorrow!! :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NYX Haul Part 1 - Eye Products

So I mentioned before in an earlier post...
that I had purchased some NYX products
during a previous haul from
Now that I'm done my midterms (finally!!),
I took the time to take some pics of my haul.

Because of the large amount of pics,
I'm separating everything into two posts
with the first being this one on... eye products!
*click on images to enlarge*
My haul of NYX's eye, face and lip products.
To start off, here are the brushes I got:
"The Big One" Brush


This brush really is "the big one".. it's HUGE!
I use this to dust finishing powder
or translucent powder to set my makeup.
It's quick and provides sheer coverage,
perfect for this purpose.
I really like this brush.

NYX Professional Powder Brush


This brush was just ok. I expected it to be more dense.
I intended to use this to apply bronzer
but it doesn't pick up enough product for my liking.
I would prefer a more dense brush.
NYX Smokie Brush


This brush is meant to be used like a blending brush.
However, I bought this to apply my highlight under my brow
since I don't need a fancy brush for that
and this does the job just fine.
I use it with the two shadows I bought below.

NYX Eyeliner Brush


I bought this thin synthetic brush
to apply glitter along my bottom lash
and inner corners of my eye
because I didn't want to ruin
my other eyeliner brushes with glitter.

Next, I got two eyeshadows:
NYX Ultimate Pearl Shadow

Shade: White Pearl

Excellent pigmentation.
White pearl colour as described without obvious glitter.

NYX Single Eyeshadow

This shade is also called White Pearl.
(I am on the lookout for a good highlight shadow.)

Frosty white colour without obvious glitter particles.

Comparison between the two.
Between the two "White Pearl" shades,
I found that NYX Ultimate Shadow
had a stronger pearl white colour than
NYX Single Eyeshadow.
I like both of these shadows
as highlighters and have been
alternating between the two lately.

I also picked up one of NYX's concealers
to replace the one I already used up:
NYX Concealer in a Jar

Shade: Beige
Packaging reminds me of MAC's Studio Sculpt Concealer.

As you can see, it is very creamy in texture.
The yellow tone helps to conceal dark circles under my eyes
and the shade matches perfectly to my skintone
so that I can use this over my pimples and acne scars as well.

I swatched this on the back of my arm
which obviously looks more pale than my face.
I have NC25 skintone and this blends in flawlessly.
I really like using this concealer.
Not bad for just $5!

Lastly, for eye products:
NYX Glitter Liner
Shades: Blue and Silver
(different from the Candy Glitter Liners
which come with the tassle)

What the wand looks like.

These are hardly distinguishable when blended onto your skin
and the blue hue is lost. I was disappointed b/c
I use blue eyeshadows a lot and was
hoping to find a glitter liner to match,
but these liners are a bit too sheer. 
If you want glitter liners with colours that show up,
I'd opt for the NYX Candy Glitter Liners instead.
I'll post up Part 2
of my NYX Haul next
which will be lip and face products!

Stay tuned :)
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