Thursday, February 11, 2010

Going Crazy For Mint Green

Lately I have been obsessed with nail polishes
and one particular shade of polish to be exact....
Essie Mint Candy Apple <3
Candy apples are delicious and so is this ad!
It immediately caught my attention when I saw it.
I heard many people raving about this polish
so I went to look up swatches and when I did...
I fell in love and knew I had to get it!
Guess you can say that it was love at first sight?
It's such a pretty pale mint green colour. 
I can't stop looking at my nails when I have it on!
It's probably one of the brightest colours I've worn in a while and most certainly a colour that stands out. It took a bit of getting used to, but I'm really liking it now. <3
I mean, how can you not love a polish that 
reminds you of mint chocolate ice cream??
I adooore eating this stuff. YUM!

Another one of my favourites when I was small:
chocolate mint sticks :D

I'm so sad they don't sell these here anymore.
I've had no luck finding them whatsoever :( 

Sooo... I've been substituting them with After Eight mints.
These are soft mints so they're not quite the same, but they're alright. 

These are two of my NEW favourites. I'm liking how the mint flavour is blended right into the chocolate and that it has a solid texture. I don't really like the other ones that come with a soft layer of mint squished between two layers of chocolate (like the After Eights). I like my chocolates hard so I can let them melt slowly in my mouth and savour it... anyway, I'm getting totally sidetracked!
I remember the first mint polish that caught my eye was this one.
I'm sure you all recognize it too. 
Chanel - Jade

After this polish came out, I really started noticing other pale, mint green variations that came out such as the ones I'm about the show you. All are a pretty mint colour, but slightly different and unique from the rest.
OPI - Hey! Get in Lime!
I like the name of this one :)
China Glaze - Refresh Mint
This is one of the newest shades from China Glaze.
It's part of their new Up & Away Collection which I absolutely LOVE! All of the pastel shades are to die for. It's really rare that I'll like almost ALL the colours in a collection, but this one really seems to hit the spot. Check it out here: Up & Away <3

Knock Out Cosmetics - Liberty
(Sold at Aritzia)

This polish came out a while ago at Aritzia. I didn't pay much attention to it before since the price of it is insane for a polish, in my opinion. I think it's something like $21 here?? But I happened to take a quick swatch of it the other day out of curiosity and surprisingly, it looks quite nice. It's got a matte finish so it's definitely unique from the rest. I'm not so good with wearing matte polishes (they chip on me so fast!) but I know some people adore matte polishes, so this might be something for you. You can see the rest of their matte collection here:

That's all the pale/mint green polishes I've been noticing so far.
Hope you've enjoyed looking at these as much as I have!
♥ Anita

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Angelique said...

That mint green shade looks great on you!! Now I'm craving for some mint chocolate ;p... THANKS! haha

Susie said...

That's a pretty color on you =)

C. said...


Babybubblz said...

I saw those Aritiza polishes too, waaay overpriced! But I'm feeling the mint green too, perfect for spring! But it somehow reminds me of toothpaste

Lulu said...

hmmm looks so yummy! it's really pretty :)

Sharlene Kay said...

such pretty products ooh green candy apple.. i could just bit my nails all dayy long yum lol


twinsouls888 said...

tnx for visiting, I love your blog ^_^

KITZY said...

wow that color is sooooo pretty! and i love mint choco chip ice cream too :)

☆Anastacia☆ said...

I like that minty green nail polish on your nails! Looks so nice!

sugarmizbunni said...

soooo pretty....i want minty candy green on my nails tooooo^^

Jules said...

I keep looking for this essie nail color but it's always sold out. O_o Such a pretty nail color...and I really love mint chocolates especially dark chocolate...mmmm. =D

Twinkle Magic Star said...

Such a beautiful color!

We have some mint choc chip ice cream in the freezer right now :D

BTW I really love reading your blog <3

Marisa said...

Oh my god, i love those after eight chocolates and minted chocolate icecream! I answered you in my blog, right after your comment ;)

Jessica Mai : said...

Im obsessed with mint right now too!
Great picks!
& Im ALWAYS Obsessed with mint chip ice-cream!!!

mmm. I think Im gonna get a scoop on my lunch break tomorrow :P

Jess Mai

Audrey Allure said...

love the color!

J-Ezzy said...

I think the color looks great on you and great application technique!!

I too love those chocolates (all of them, haha)

evie said...

the mint looks good!! now i'm sad that i did not buy any mint colour polishes!!

and i lloovvee mint chocolates too!

hehe skills in konad are still v lousy..there are some not stamps very well too!

Makeup By Lauren P said...

I also love mint green/ green apple shades! I have seen these different companies picking up on the trend--which is good so we dont have dish out as much money for chanel you chanel's vendetta n/p? i dont have it, but i looove that shade for winter!

PixyEla said...

Woooow such a pretty colour!! I love mint chocolate icecream & After Eights so this is definitely something I'll check out. I LOVE Aritzia but haven't been there in ages, I didn't know they have nail polishes!?!? :O
Thanks for sharing!! =)

Véronique Eve" said...

Really sweet color... i eat today the after eight.. really good!

Tammy said...

Hi Anita! Thank you for your swt comment :) I love the mint green Essie nail colour! I've been looking all over for it but I can't seemt o find it anywhere :/ where did you pick yours up??

xbbkay said...

the mint looks great. I love pastel colours. Essie is good stuff ! i'm gonna try trade secret and see if they have this shade

thanks for sharing

Klaudea said...

I'm so jealous! I can't wear colours like that because my skin tone doesn't cooperate with them. I just end up looking like a corpse :/

Do you have a matte topcoat? I wonder what the mint would look like matte?

I can't wait to see more of your posts! Though they may be dangerous to my wallet!

Happy Olympics! *^^*

oOchaOo said...

the mint candy apple shade looks pretty on you! i would love to try that next time~~

oh, happy hearts day pretty!

Blair said...

Mint Candy Apple looks sooooo good on you! :)

I noticed lots of Korean brands coming out with these apple green shades too :)

Kym said...

*mm* mint choco chip ice cream! i love it! and the color of your nails? FABOLOUS! i'm actually really loving that... i might have to consider that for summer! hehe!

Alyssamae. said...

OOOO totally diggin' the mint post! :D Yea, I probably wont be purchasing directly from NYX via online again =/

haha girl, I re-watched Boys before Flowers again after finishing it :P And I'll probably watch it again before my Spring term begins.. I read on a forum there was suppose to be a diff. ending but they goofed & didn't catch the mistake til after filming it, so they ended the series with the ending we saw.. so i'm curious to see how it should have ended :)

kimber doll said...

Such a pretty color! I never though green could be a nice colour to wear on nails, but this actually looks so feminine and girly!

Miss K. You said...

Anita, thanks for your sweet comments. Wow your nail colour looks so delicious :) I'm a fan of chocolate + mint too. I think I will try out a shade of green some time too.. so tempting!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, mint chocolate chip ice cream. My mouth is seriously watering right now! The color looks great on you though. It's..frosty, cool, refreshing :)

Time for an ice cream run.

Barbie Fashion x said...

Ohmigosh! I didnt realise how cute mint green was!
Aww definaly inspiring !
Aww GORGEOUS nails babe :)

twinsouls888 said...

I love this color, I haven't tried this color yet in my NOTD. ^_^

And thanks for sharing your favorite item in your January Loves post, I really like the list. Might check some of them. Nyx concealer in Beige & Loreal Voluminous mascara I'm also currently loving right now ;)

LilliChantilly said...

You're giving me a craving for mint chocolates, yum :P

Lulu said...

aww thanks so much for your congratulations sweetie! <3

Jess said...

this really is the IT shade right now. it looks fab!

Beauty Vibes said...

Looks very nice! I want to have this colour now >.>

-elle♡ said...

i like your nails ;p
keke green nailpolish


This post just helped my choose what colour nail polish to get today! Literally! I'm just about to go shopping before work and i wanted to get myself a new shade. I'm definitely investing in a cool minty blue tint :D haha. Thanks!

Kalmo said...


I love your blog! The pictures are so nice and your reviews are great/quick/easy to read. Do you have google follow on your blog? I want to follow it but I don't see it anywhere. I'll check back again just in case the application is not working.

I loooove mint/jade nail polishes too. I recently bought Essie Mint Candy Apple (it looks great on you) and Maybelline has a dupe for it out now too. ^^

vivien said...

yay for mint greens! hehe, I've been wearing Re-Fresh Mint for the past like month cause I love it so much <3. Mint Candy Apple is allll sold out around where I love, lucky you got your hands on a bottle!

Jade is my most lusted after colors... if only.

Great post full of green! <3

Glamswatches said...


Angie said...

love love love still craving that shade :)

'chelle said...

What a gorgeous shade! I feel like eating mint choc chip icecream when I see it haha

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