Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wishlist - Holiday Lush Products.. and a few more!

I've been browsing the Lush website
to check out their Christmas Collection
and find that I'm really loving their bath bombs..
they are so cute! I'm sure they'll
make for great stocking stuffers :)

Star Melt
(Scent: vanilla & candy sugar)

Gnome Name
(Scent: spicy, fruity, soda-like)

Mr. Butterball
(Scent: cocoa butter & vanilla)

Satsumo Santa
(Scent: citrus fruit & orange flowers)


Some other products I'm also curious to check out:

Grease Lightning
"Super effective spot cleanser for acne-prone skin."
Ingredients: tea tree, rosemary, witch hazel

I've been breaking out lately
so I'm looking forward to trying this out
as I've heard some great reviews for it!
Some even say it works just as well as Origins Spot Remover.

Sugar Babe Sugar Scrub
(Scent: flowers & honey) 

It's winter time and my skin is extra dry and flakey 
around this time so this sounds like 
the perfect product to try out. 

I really like that Lush products are hand-made 
and made of natural ingredients. 
It's like a fresh treat for my skin
as opposed to using products usually 
made from lots of different chemicals.

I can't wait to check these out in store! 

Images from: lush.ca


Catherine said...

What a great list! I have a LUSH wishlist too, but it's mostly comprised of bubble bars & face masks hehe.

* swtexcape * said...

hehe would love to see your wishlist sometime! esp if you have some mask recommendations :D my Lush wishlist and very quickly growing.. yikes!!

* swtexcape * said...

*IS* very quickly growing

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