Saturday, November 14, 2009

NOTD and Haul - NYX Girls Special Glitter Nail Polish

I haven't done anything with my nails
in a while now so today I finally
decided to paint them using one of
the polishes I got as part of my NYX haul:
"NYX Girls Special Glitter Nail Polish"

I picked out four different ones in total.
A white pearl glitter polish, 2 silver glitter polishes,
and a gorgeous navy blue glitter polish.

What they look like up close:

#240 - White Stars
(Pretty pearl white stars)

#247 - Opal Splash
(Silver flower-shaped glitters)

#227 - Opal Hearts
(Silver heart glitters)


#244 - Charcoal Sparkle
(The colour didn't show up very well
in the photo but this is actually a pretty
navy blue coloured glitter polish.)

I really like these NYX glitter polishes.
They are unique and unlike other glitters polishes
that I have used before. I'll be able to mix and match
these with all sorts of other polishes to create
many looks. I think I'm going to have a lot of fun
doing different nail looks with them.

For my NOTD, I started off by
painting the tips of my nails
with a silver coloured polish
to give it that extra omph.
Rimmel London #414 Insolence
(silver polish with very fine glitters)

I wanted a clean, sparkly look
and thought the stars from the first nail polish
would add the perfect touch.
This is what my NOTD ended up looking like.

Hope you like it! :)


Catherine said...

Those look awesome - love your current NOTD - very cute!

Jian said...

Waah! So cute~ I love all the polishes, and your NOTD! =D

Anita said...

@Catherine & @Jian - thanks girls!! :)

Angie said...

aaa i love the stars! that's a super cute huge-glitter manicure :)

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